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We believe in building customer relationships and providing top-notch quality work. It’s our good reputation that keeps clients coming back to us for all their network infrastructure needs. We take the time and care in understanding your needs. We realize that not everyone is going to have a preferred vendor of choice when it comes to equipment and cabling being installed on their premises. There are many choices out there for the different budget levels and we work with multiple vendors to bring the best possible solution together.

However, the one thing we don’t do is recommend a hodge-podge of manufacturers that don’t work well together or that minimize the capabilities of all the parts as a whole. What we mean by this is that we will not use sub-standard materials and equipment just to “save a buck”. There are plenty of companies out there that won’t think twice about installing sub-standard equipment and will be more than happy to walk away with your hard-earned money and never lose sleep over it. We are not that company.

Therefore, when we design and recommend parts & equipment for your network , we take the time to do the research and provide the best possible solution that will maximize your investment. All this comes with our standard limited lifetime warranty on the design and installation of the network infrastructure on top of the manufacturer’s own warranties.

We also understand that there are companies out there that have an established set of standards on the equipment and materials that need to be followed. We are more than happy to provide design and installation for you as well. We deal with several suppliers to obtain the best price we can to give you the best deal possible.

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