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As consultants, we make assessments of existing LAN / Wireless LAN infrastructure and provide recommendations to improve upon or expand on it. We also provide guidance on the design and installation of your new network LAN / Wireless LAN infrastructure. We provide these services utilizing the latest standards, codes and industry best practices. A full report is provided to the client after consultation which includes findings and recommendations.


After the consultation phase, we design the network cable infrastructure to meet or exceed current standards and codes utilizing industry best practices. CAD and Visio drawings are part of the deliverables during and after this phase. Aesthetics are important so we provide details on the equipment and materials being included in the design. Each design is unique and we treat it as such. We provide designs for LAN, CAN and Wireless LAN systems.

NOTE: CAD drawings are to be provided to us by the client. If no CAD drawings exist, we will create drawings of the TER and TR’s only as a courtesy to the client.


Our professional and trained installers and technicians will ensure that the design requirements are met. We realize that not every design is 100% accurate all the time. Should there be any discrepancy between the design and the actual installation, the discrepancy is quickly resolved by immediately alerting the design team and an alternative solution is proposed that will be to standards, codes and best practices and is acceptable to the client. After the installation, we certify all our cabling to the latest standards. For us, this is not an option but a requirement that needs to be met in order for us to provide the limited lifetime warranty on design and installation. The manufacturers we use carry their own warranty on the products they sell that are a separate warranty from ours. The deliverables for all installation include CAD and Visio drawings showing floor plans and locations along with TER and TR layouts. If we provide network equipment installation, we also provide concise switch port mapping and essential network information on Excel and Visio.

Please contact us for more details on all our services and warranties.